Be Truly Mobile


It is a simple on/off button, but it is on your smartphone, Imagine how easy that makes your life. What's better? there is a scheduler attached to it! Hand over all the routine tasks to that scheduler, and turn your devices on and off whether you are home in bed, driving to a holiday, or at work. Be it keeping your water-tank full, or dealing with your forgetful moments, or tricking that neighbourhood thief into believing you are home and about, oakter gives you the freedom to be truly mobile


The programmable wireless switch board, or the Touch leaf as we call it, is your saviour for the times when you are home and too lazy to reach your phone, or when your over used smartphone runs out of juice. With the oakter app, you can hook up the three switches of the battery operated touch leaf to any device of your choice, and operate it just like you would, with a wall switch borad. You can even mount one on the wall or let it lie about like your TV remote