Wifi Hotspot Solutions

Wifi Hotspot Solutions

Wifi internet becomes a major challenge in Hotel and Education industry in order to use effectively However Maintenance is not possible with all computer operator in the industry since operator keeps on changing and every time Knowledge transfer is not possible for new person and in other side if proper system is not installed Internet usage would be more by the users and end of the day hotel may pay huge bill to ISP or goes loosing the download limit early before the billing Period.

Toughest point in wifi hotspot is Maintenance of Browsing logs and user details for police verification in which most of hotels fails because of improper hotspot installation

Our Solutions are always with following Benefits

  • Load balancing of Internet speed to each customer/user automatically
  • One time password for Mobile number Verification
  • Automatic disconnect of internet after the Specified time
  • Wifi reaches to each end in the Campus/building
  • Not Much manual intervention is needed
  • Logs will be maintained in Cloud and when ever needed can be retrieved back.

When Market sells POE Switches, we defined ourselves with POE + Switches., when Poe Transmits Power + Network to 91Meter, our Poe+ switches transmits Power + Network to 250 Meters, isn't Great ?